Top 10 Most Shocking Horror Movie

Now I’ve gone and done it. This is a tough list to narrow down and in the end it really depends on personal preference. However, there’s nothing like a good twist at a movie’s climax. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and Bam! The killer’s your grandma!!! Ok probably not, but out of all the shocking movie endings the horror genre knows how it’s done. From seeing dead people to wading through the mist, read more for HorrorBid’s top 10.

Follow up:

For you horror movie virgins out there no worries, there are NO spoilers. However, I will mention the movie by title and why I think they should be on the list but I will not give away anything too crucial. If you’ve not seen any of the horror films listed below I highly suggest you make it your business to see them all. You won’t be sorry, or at least I don’t think you will but you be the judge. So, without any further delay I present the top 10 most shocking horror movie endings!

#10 THE SKELETON KEY: When Caroline takes a job as a hospice nurse at a spooky New Orleans plantation, she has more in store for her than changing bed pans and dispensing Geritol. What she doesn’t know is that this house has a dark history. You could argue this is more thriller than horror but the ending made me watch the movie again just to try and catch all the clues. I never cared much for Kate Hudson until I saw this flick and here’s to hoping she does more horror in the future!

#9 SCREAM: A serial killer in a mask and robe stalks a bunch of teens. This is one of the few slashers in which the revelation of the killer is a true twist, one almost impossible to guess precisely. Still, Scream can be credited for a trend of twist ending horror flicks that following in its footsteps. Director Wes Craven kept us guessing till the very end (and even then I didn’t trust some characters till the credits rolled).

#8 HIGH TENSION: A foreign film makes the cut! A psychotic truck driver invades a French farm one night, butchering the family and kidnapping the daughter. He doesn’t realize, though, that the daughter’s friend, Marie, was spending the night at the house and she hitches a ride in the back of the killer’s truck in order to help free her friend. From that point things just get freak’n crazy! I still shiver at the thought of the film’s last shot – YIKES!!!

#7 AMERICAN PSYCHO: The movie is a surreal trip through the psychosis of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale). Bateman is a Wall Street yuppie in the 80s riding high on the capitalism wave. Although he gets to wear designer clothing, eat at the most select restaurants, and live in an expensive upscale apartment in Upper West Side in New York City, his life isn’t complete and so he engages in extremely violent sexual behavior to get his kicks. The ending is controversial among fans. Some say it ends one way and others another. Well, no matter how you read the film I think we can all agree that the chainsaw scene is well worth the view alone.

#6 SIXTH SENSE: Shyamalan tries too hard I think and I’ve cared less and less for each new film he releases but The Sixth Sense came out of no where and blew audiences away!! I think this film’s success had everything to do with word of mouth. It was right before internet movie blogging was getting big so spoilers weren’t at our finger tips. The Sixth Sense was shot in such a way that a second viewing was almost necessary and only then would you realize the genius behind this movie.

#5 THE MIST: Some people liked this film while others hated it but you have to give it props for that balls to the walls ending. It was so unlike the predictable Hollywood endings that I think my jaw was dropped when I saw this for the first time. I read where the director swapped money for this ending. The studios only allowed this ending to make final cut because the director shot the film on a smaller budget than originally planned . . . hence why some of the visual effects suffer. Still, gotta love that ending!

#4 SEVEN: Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, SEVEN was a shocking movie and easily one of the best crime thrillers ever made. To this day I can honestly say I didn’t see that ending coming not even by a long shot. Some may argue but that last scene put Kevin Spacey on the map as far as I’m concerned. SEVEN is so dark, so depressing, so twisted, SO INCREDIBLE!!!

#3 SLEEPAWAY CAMP: Another slasher flick that involves teenybopper Angela heading off to summer camp. Once she settles in it seems that any douche who screws with her bites the dust. Typical slasher right? There’s nothing really keeping this movie from fading away into obscurity except for one little thing. The wide-eyed double take twist ending that bends you over and has its way with you!!! Talk about a ballsy finale – no pun intended.

#2 SAW: Saw was one of the few really creative and genius films. The twist to this film is absolutely a shinning example of creative film making and writing over. This film was shot for cheap but made a killing at the box office. Some people hate this franchise but I feel the original needs to stand alone for its originality. If there weren’t any sequels I’m willing to bet this film would stand much higher in the horror community. (remember, this was an indie film)

#1 Psycho: Who gets the number one spot? Non other than the master himself, Mr. Hitchcock. Psycho was a bold movie. In a time when film censorship was high the ‘mother’ of slasher movies was born. Yet, is it really a slasher? Regardless of what genre it falls in, Psycho inspired many horror movies to come. One of the film’s best characteristics was its finale. Remember, this was back before shock/twist endings were around . . . Psycho was a pioneer in the evolution of horror films.

Ok, so you might not agree with the order but I think I’ve covered some of the biggest shockers horror has to offer. Still, I had so many to chose from I had to make an honorable mention list.

  • April Fool’s Day (1986)
  • Donnie Darko(2001)
  • Frailty (2001)
  • Fallen (1998)
  • Friday the 13th (1980)
  • Identity (2003)
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968)
  • Orphan (2009)
  • The Orphanage (2007)
  • The Wicker Man (1973)

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